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Who is Shunya Palanpuri and Biography

Who is Shunya Palanpuri and Biography 2022
Written by Kalpana Parmar

Who is Shunya Palanpuri

who is sunya palanpuri

Shunya Palanpuri was Gujrati Gazalkar ,who born in Ahmedabad but spend their life in Palanpur as a teacher in “Amirbai Middle School“.

Name Ali Khan Baloch
Nick nameShunya (શૂન્ય ) ,  Rumani (રૂમાની ) Azal (અઝલ)
StudyMatric – Palanpur – 1938 ,Bahauddin college-junagadh-1940                 (Put the study unfinished)
Occupation Teacher ,Writer , Journalist
Born DOB19 December 1922 , Leelapur, Ahmedabad
Mother Nanibibi
Children Tasmin ,Zahir , kamar, parwez
Death17 March 1987 , Palanpur
  • 1940 – Pajod darbar –  Rushwa’s personal friend
  • 1945-54 – teacher in amirbai middle School , Palanpur
  • 1957 – 60 – live in patan and palanpur  (Geet gazal Monthly)
  • 1962 – journalist in Mumbai Sachar 

Shunya Palanpuri grew up at her uncle’s house in Palanpur after her father died when he was four years old.  Shunya Palanpuri started writing ghazals at the age of 16,in 1938 he wrote his first whole gazal.

after which he went junagadh for furthur studies where he met Amrut Ghayal  who suggested to keep the name “Shunya”. He used to write his ghazals in both Urdu and Gujarati language.he also knows about farsi language. Although Shunya Palanpuri was a Muslim, he covered the words of Sanskrit and Hindu literature in his writings.

Along with being a poet, Shunya Palanpuri was also a good chess player, Horsh rider and a good cricketer.Shunya Palanpuri’s life was spent in sorrow so he could write better ghazals, His life experiences could be seen in his ghazals.Apart from being a teacher and poet, he has also been a journalist in Mumbai.

Gazal collection of Sunya Palanpuri :-

sunya palanpuri gazal

શૂન્યનું શર્જન ( ૧૯૫૨)

શૂન્યનું વિશર્જન ( ૧૯૫૬)

શૂન્યના અવશેષ (૧૯૬૪)

શૂન્યનું સ્મારક (૧૯૭૭)

શૂન્યની સ્મૃતિ ( ૧૯૮૩)

શૂન્યનો વૈભવ (૧૯૯૨) – published after death. 

Translation :-

ખૈયામ અથવા રુબેયત

“જીવન અર્પણ કરી દીધું, કોઈએ એટલા માટે ,

મરણ આવે તો એને કહી શકું ‘મિલકત પરાઈ છે’! “

                                    – શૂન્ય પાલનપુરી

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