What is Vatan Prem Yojana, Benefits, How to Register | Gujarat Government 2021

What is Vatan Prem Yojana, Benefits, How to Register Gujarat Government 2021
Written by Ronak Ahir


Gujarat government is committed to the welfare of the people. Government taking various steps for it. VATAN PREM YOJANA  is one of them. Vatan prem yojana is basically about creating infrastructural and basic facilities for villages. Villager’s who are residing out of the country donate for development works.

This scheme is handled by the Ministry of panchayat and rural development. many people reside outside of the country. they want to donate to their motherland. this scheme is the best way to donate to your motherland.


  • This scheme aims for the all-around development of villages by making them aatmnirbhar.
  • In this, if a donor gives donates money for any work then the government will bear 40% of it and the donor has to give 60%.
  • To make this program successful creation of Vatanpremyojana society will be established.
  • For the better implementation of the programme “a project managementunit willbe formed.
  • A fully dedicated call centre for queries and problems will be available for work.
  • All work-related status and functions will be under the district development officer and Taluka development officer.
  • This scheme was earlier known as “MadreVatanyojana “
  • The earlier contribution was 50:50 now it is made 60:40.

Works under Vatanpremyojana:

vatan prem yojana
  • Establishment of CCTV SYSTEM
  • SMART CLASSROOMS for school and library
  • Community hall
  • Primary health centres
  • Beautification of lakes
  • Bus stand
  • Solar Street lights

Benefits of the scheme :

  • By this, any local villager can pay his tribute to his homeland
  • The government will get support in development works
  • Villagers will not have to wait for the lengthy process of development works.
  • The necessities of villagers will be fulfilled at the local level.
  • It will be beneficial to three parties villagers, the government and the donor.

Concerns for the scheme:

  1. Not many villagers have foreign citizens who can donate
  2. A limited number of people will donate to this kind of scheme.
  3. Not a proper way of marketing is possible and not the specific beneficiary group is there.
  4. Change of government and change of minister will change the future of the scheme.
  5. No one will take this scheme as their work so chances of less observation on work.
Official Website :

Frequently asked Questions:

  1. How to register for this scheme: Answer :- A fully dedicated portal for this scheme is launched you can register on it.
  2. Can I get a refund of the donation: Answer :- once the donation bus is done and the process is completed Then there will be no refund.
  3. How much minimum donation is compulsory: Answer :- you need to pay 60% of you may pay fully 100  ℅ of it.
  4. How to track the functioning of work: Answer :- you need to visit the portal and you will get informed by the center.

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