Smart Life in Ahmedabad Gujarat Now a Days 2021

Smart Life in Ahmedabad Gujarat Now a Days 2021
Written by Ronak Ahir


Ahmedabadis one of the most popular and famous cities in Gujarat State. With a huge population residing in the city, people need more services and facilities to make their life easier and for this demanding technology plays an important role in providing this service to the general public.

Nowadays no one has a time everyone wants to save their time and want to finish, their work in very less time. For this many new startups, companies people entrepreneurs come into the city and launch their products and services to the people of the city. So, just look at that services which are those services and how this will make our lives easier.

BRTS Ahmedabad Smart Life

Here first comes the most famous and easily accessible service of Ahmedabad and it is BRTS ( Bus rapid transit system) it is the city bus service which is very punctual and the cheapest service available in Ahmedabad to use in Ahmedabad because it covers almost all popular places of the city like geetamandir, railway station real-time, kankariya lake,


GMDC  ground and many more so if you want to reach any place earlier and that too in low cost you must choose BRTS service because it has a separate track for it and it is real-time tracking plus it provides you and about real timing of bus when will it come and next bus will come at which time you will get whole info they are nowadays providing a debit card through which you can use it without any ticket, and just swipe it and get a ticket and skip the long queue.

brts ahmedabad municipal corporation

Interestingly they have now in the time of the pandemic started providing tickets directly on the Paytm app so you can directly book your tickets from there and seat peacefully on the bus with no worries about ticket loss or anything else. their minimum ticket is 4 Rs and the maximum is around 20 to 25 for very long distances which are considered as very cheap in the big cities like Ahmedabad and that too in full AC bus which is very rare to find in public transport your ticket will be valid for 3 hours so if you get late or early you don’t lose your ticket.

Ahmedabad smart Life 2021

Second, comes the service of MYBYK  bicycle rental services here you on every BRTS stand in the city you will get my bike stand too from this you can reach your office or home easily just download their app and scan and book bicycle ride and enjoy yourself you can also take it for a longer period they provide longer plans of six months three months and yearly, plans also so you can choose according to your convenience and enjoy the service. Third, comes the service of your electric bike it is his earlier phase not too old like BRTS and MYBYK Here you don’t have to peddle a bicycle it is a mini version of the bike where just break and speed control is given to this you ride your bike with a maximum speed of 40 so you don’t need to have a licensefor this and you can enjoy a safe and environmentally friendly ride by it and have.

Solo cycle ahmedabad 2021

fun this startup is by students first when it got to succeed in Bangalore it got released in Ahmedabad, if you are in Ahmedabad and want to save money and live smartly use all three services for your convenience and affordability.

The above three are some of the most popular smart services in Ahmedabad and cheap and affordable too if you want to save nature and be friendly world use this and it is pocket friendly so by all this way you can live a smart and easy life in Ahmedabad city.

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