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Sardarkrushinagar , Dantiwada Agriculture University in Banaskantha

Sardarkrushinagar Agriculture University in Banaskantha
Written by Kalpana Parmar

Location :- sardarkrushinagar , dantiwada
Pincode :- 385506
Banaskantha District

Krushi University is related to agriculture education situated at dantiwada which is 30 km away from palanpur in banaskantha district.
Agricultural University has been established in the year 1972. After 2004, the university was divided into four parts in different cities ,one campus is situated at dantiwada and other three campus are situated at anand ,navsari and junagadh cities.That campus came to be known as a separate university.

The university offers courses up to diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D
The university has total of 9 colleges which are…….

Sardarkrushinagar , Dantiwada Agriculture University in Banaskantha
  1. C.P college of agriculture
  2. College of veterinary and animal husbandry.
  3. College of agree business management
  4. College of horticulture situated at Jagudan.
  5. S.P college of Home Science
  6. college of environmental engineering
  7. College of agriculture which are situated at Tharad
  8. G.N. Patel college of dairy technology
  9. College of food technology

Besides of agricultural education University also offers cultural activities like sports ,NSS ,NCC . University also organize seminars related to agriculture and they also help local farmers and research centers.

Sardarkrushinagar Horticulture Agriculture University in Banaskantha

Name of some research center in university campus :-

1.Castor and mustard research station

2.Centre of crop improvement

3.Seed technology

4.Bioscience research center

5.Centre of research on integrated farming systems etc.…..

Name of some research center which are situated outside the campus in Banaskantha :-

  1. potato research station which is located at Deesa city.

2.sorghum research station which is also located at Deesa city.

3.agricultural research station which is located at aseda.

4.agrucultural research station which is located at sihori.

University also offers some research station outside the banaskantha district which are at Sabarkantha,patan,Aravalli,kachh and mehsana district.

Every year During krushi mahotsav agricultural University organise fairs , exhibition and seminars at different cuties in gujrat.

University also provide some products and services like animal products and agriculture products.In animal products they provide bull directory and semen dose and in agricultural products they provide medicinal plants and nursery plants.

Admission Process

sdau logo in banaskantha

If one wants to study any course offered by agriculture University then they have to clarify examination suggested by University,for undergraduate course admission is usually based on gujcet.for detail information of admission One can visit official website of agricultural University.

Official Website :-

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