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Kankrej Cow – Pride of Banaskantha District

Kankreji Cow - Pride of Banaskantha District
Written by Kalpana Parmar

Kankrej cow is famous in Kankrej taluka of Banaskantha district. Kankraj Cow is the pride of Gujarat. In earlier times, farmers living outside Gujarat used to come to Banaskantha and buy Kankreji cows. At present, farmers are buying less Kankreji cows in the lure of getting more milk. Farmers nowadays are turning to hybrid cows instead of kankreji cows and ignoring kankreji cows.

Kankreji cow is known as Wagal,vavir and Wadhiyari in Gujarat.And outside Gujarat it is known as Gujarati cow. Kankraj cows are high yielding cows at low cost. Raising these cows in high heat in Banaskantha district increases their ability to tolerate heat and cold.

Characteristic of Kankrej cow

Kankreji Cow - Narendramodi Pride moment banaskantha

The Kankreji Cow has high immunity and can tolerate cold and heat in all seasons.Kankreji cows give 15 to 17 calves during their lifetime and get pregnant early.Cow’s milk is high in A2 protein and it protects against many diseases. Milk contains 4 to 5 fats. Kankreji cow’s milk contains A2 protein which makes children more intelligent. Kankreji cows are white and gray in color. The cow is agile and scary in behaviour. The Kankreji cow has a plump body, large horns, big eyes and a narrow face.The legs of that cow are long and strong. The hump of a kankrej cow is large. From all these characters the kankrej cow is easily identified. The Kankreji cow bull is famous for its Sawai moves. Kankraj cows give the best bulls

Bulls of Kankrej Cow 

kankrej_bull banaskantha pride

As I said before, the bulls of Kankraj cow is famouse for its sawai moves.Now tractors have come but in earlier times people preferred to cultivate with ox of kankrej cow. The Kankraj cow and its bulls have been famous since ancient times. remains of the Kankraj cow are also found in the culture of Mohenjo Daro.

Sardar Krushi University and Banas Dairy have done many programs which can increase the number of Kankreji cows.

Animal Research Center Krushi University Dantiwada

Kankreji Cow - Pride of Banaskantha District Gujarat

The Animal Research Center was started in 1978 at Krushi University, Dantiwada. The Agricultural Research Center  was specially established for kankrej cow research. In earlier times these cows were used only for farming and for heavy work but the Agricultural University Dantiwada has researched that Kankraj cows also have the ability to give more milk. The research center studied 30 to 50 cows and found that they could produce even more milk than hybrid cows if they were bred to produce milk.

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