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Jessore Sloth Bear sanctuary – Bhildi Tourist Place Banaskantha

Jessore-Sloth-Bear-Sanctuary Bhildi Banaskantha district
Written by Kalpana Parmar

Jessore Cloth bear sanctuaryis situated at Iqbalgarh near Rajasthan in the border area of ​​Banaskantha district.this sanctuary is for wild life year of 1978 ,this place was selected in india to save extinct species of sloth bear. The sanctuary is spread over the catchment area of ​​Banas river.

The sanctuary is located in the Aravalli Range which is the place of origin of Banas river. Jessore sloth beer sanctuary come under banaskantha Wild life and forest department.though it is dry area ,forest department is taking lots of efforts to conserve it. sanctuary is so well established and cleaned ,which is the best way to attract visitors.

Jessore Sanctuary Has an area of ​​180 sq. km. This sanctuary has prevented the desert of Thar from advancing.

In addition to bears, the sanctuary is home to other animals like leopard, crocodiles, deers etc.., migratory birds and local birds like grey jungle fowl, white bellied minivet etc.. and a variety of plants ,shrubs , and medicinal herbs.406 species have also been identified in this sanctuary .

According to IUCN classification ,many rare and endangered species are found there Visiting time :- 6 am to 6 pm
Location:- Iqbalgarh , 385505 , Banaskantha Gujrat 

Jessore Hills

Banaskantha District  Jessore Vanyjiv 2021

Due to jassore hill ,this sanctuary has got the name jassore sloth bear wildlife sanctuary. Jessore Hill is the second largest peak in Its a popular scenic place, Jessore Hill is also a great place for trecking. Jessore hill is also best place for photography lover and nature lover. River,mountain,,lake ,temple ,birds,insects,water fall ,animals  one can find pure and real nature here

The sanctuary also has 2 more attractive place , a temple of Mahadev called Kedarnath in Gujarat and muniji ki kutiya. There is also lake and inside jungle ,there is many unexplored places which can explored by spending some time into jungle . You can observe many insects and birds.

Kedarnath Mandir

Kedarnath Mahadev Banaskantha District

Kedarnath temple situated here is ancient temple of lord shiva. Kedarnath temple is situated at an altitude of 1500 m. A big fair is also held here during shivratri and Shravan Mass. Best time to visit here is monsoon.

There is also no equipment to go up to Kedarnath mandir but there is steps. You can enjoy the natural beauty by climbing the steps. The sound of birds and leaves of trees, the sound of springs somewhere is a very pleasing way to go to Kedarnath temple.The number of devotees increases in the month of October-November.

Track to mandir is just amazing. This place is great if someone want to spend some peaceful time.

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