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Indo – Pak Border Seema Darshan at Nadabet -Banaskantha

Indo - Pak Border Seema Darshan at Nadabet -Banaskantha

Seema Darshan at Nadabet is a famous place in Gujarat. It is under Vav taluka and Banaskantha District, with a distance of 104 Km. Approx. 2 and a half reaching hour from Banaskantha to Nadabet. It is a place where everyone’s eyes are on. Every Indian full of enthusiasm hopes to come here, an India Pakistan border, which is also known as the Wagah like border border.

Indo Pak Border 2021 Nadabet

The Nadabet is at distance of 375.3 Km. from Kutch. It is a sensitive place where both sides of JAWAN use to drill unity. Tourists come from India to see the courage and patriotism of soldiers on the border. It has a zero-point between India and Sindh. Nadabet is a BSF cantonment post.

Nadabet Seema Darshan 2021

The Nadabet (Wagah Like Border)- As the name says itself, the Wagah means lion in Gujarati language, place of Lions who take care of border of India BSF (Border Security Force). It is the border of India and Pakistan. The only place in Gujarat where patriotism comes from inside and tourist from all over India and the world visit to see the roaring voice of BSF and few programs arranged by the government of Gujarat to attract tourism. The Wagah border is the only place where Indian and Pakistan soldiers drilled up together. Indian army performs in many programs like singing and dancing too. In Package tourism, you can visit Seema Darshan, where you can visit Banaskantha with the same weather and atmosphere and Wagah spirit in nearby places.

What is Zero Point in Nadabet – the red zig-zag line that shows on the map is zero points. The last point where India and Pakistan meet each other is zero points. A nearby village where both country people can cross the border by simple waking is zero points.

Seema Darshan at Nadabet Vijay Roopani at Indo Pak Border

What is Seema Darshan in Wagah border? ( Nadabet)- In the year 2016 CM Vijay Roopani has given tourism a hike by organising a program of Seema Darshan on the Border. There the tourist can see an exhibition of weapons used against the enemy country. The Jawan shows a program of march pass, dance and songs. This program is organised, for the martyr soldier Families. The collected money is for soldier’s family who had given life to the country.

Is it safe for Tourists?

Yes! It is safe. Many times, people ask this question because of the tension between India and Pakistan. The Indian government and Gujrat Government, is taking all care and facilities to the tourist who visits Wagah Border Nadabet.

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