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Heart of Banaskantha District – Palanpur City

Heart of Banaskantha District - Palanpur Perfume City
Written by Kalpana Parmar

Palanpur is heart of banaskantha. Palanpur is also known as diamond city.
In this article I choose to explore historical places in palanpur. Palanpur itself is historical city but there are many places where you must have to visit once.

1. Kirtistambh

kirtistambh palanpur heart of banaskantha

Location :- bus station Rd ,nr, chamanbagh
Kirtistambh is glory of nawabs of is constructed in year 1918 by nawab taley Muhammad that time the total cost of construction is around 40000. It is typically not tourist place but yes it is ancient place which shows the glory of nawabs of palanpur.

Today ,it provides a record of palanpur’s evolution. With the list of ruler of palanpur and Zalor being engraved on was inaugurated by the maharaja of Bikaner.

2.Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple

Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple palanpur

Location :- near kirtistambh circle.
Pataleshwar mahadev is ancient temple of lord shiva .located at middle of the city palanpur. Speciality of Pataleshwar temple is it is deep inside and Shivalinga is located at bottom. There is huge open place outside the temple you can feel calmness between the chaos of city. A large number of devotees are seen here ,mainly during shravan mass. 
People believes that the king of patan shidhraj jayshinh was borne here, so minaldevi who is mother of shiddhraj jayshinh built this temple. Temple is like a stepwell ,40 steps downward you can see Shivalinga. Temple is very beautiful and artistic.

3.Rajgadhh Palace Resort

Rajgadh palanpur resourt

Location :- Near Dhaniyana Chokadi, Ambetha (Palanpur) Banaskantha North Gujarat India 385001
Raj gadhi is historical place in palanpur ,in past time the palace of nawab of palanpur was situated here. At that place you can connect with local public they will describe history of this place.

4.Palanpur Museum

Palanpur museum at banaskantha district

Location :- Near police headquarters palanpur
This museum intruduce us a history of palanpur and also some historical tools and culture of banaskantha district.aim of museum is to evoke the spirit and give voice to the communities that have created city ,sustained it and transformed it with time

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