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Guru Maharaj Mountains | Paniyari Ashram Trekking of Banaskantha

Guru Maharaj Mountains Paniyari Ashram Trekking of Banaskantha
Written by Kalpana Parmar

Guru Maharaj mountains is located in between Jalotra and Mumanvas village near Palanpur in Banaskantha district. If you love Trekking and wants to visit with family or friends then you definitely going to love this place. Trekking there might be difficult but you definitely enjoy the nature and calmness.

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There is no Necessity to visit this place in rainy season. trekking there in rainy season might be dangerous Because the road you go up on a rock is likely to slip if the water comes down during the rainy season. Local public and also a people from Paniyari ashram guide tourist for tracking.

Address :- Near Jalotra ,Mumanvas Dist :- Banaskantha , Gujrat 385001

Guru mala mountains is basically aravvali mountain but due to name of guru dhundhleshvar , it’s famouse as guru maharaj ashram in that area of banaskantha.

Paniyari Ashram 

Paniyari Asharam Trekking of Banaskantha

Paniyari ashram is located near guru maharaj mountains in jalotra. It’s famous as picnic spot in whole district. 

Before 1700 year ,Guru Dhundhalinath Bapa was here who made ashram ,after their death ,A idol of Dhundhalinath was erected here.

Many people from all around come here to see Dhundhalinath. There is also a food court here for all and people who have no support are given shelter.There is a belief about Dhundhalinath Guru, many people believe that if one does not have children then worshiping Dhundhalinath brings happiness of having children.

The place where temple of dhundhlinath and cave of dhundhlinath is situated is also known as ram tekari.

During the monsoon season, the view is even more spectacular, with clouds hovering over the mountains and waterfalls and small and large streams flowing down the mountain.The waterfall falling from the mountain is named Navdhara Falls, many tourists enjoy bathing in this waterfall. The Aravalli range around the Ashram enchants the minds of the tourists. 

Paniyari Waterfall

Paniyari Waterfall Trekking of Banaskantha

Paniyari waterfall located on guru Maharaj mountains ,many people visit there during monsoon season to enjoy voice of nature. If you are nature lover then you must have to visit this place. Bathing in waterfall is different level of enjoy. This is best picnic spot to visit with family and friends.

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