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Dharnidhar Temple in Dhima – You Should Visit Once

Dhima Mandir in Banaskantha
Written by Kalpana Parmar

Dhima is an ancient varahpuri village, which was later renamed varahkshetra and is now known as Dhima. Dhima village is also called Mini Dwarka. The temple of Lord Dharnidhar is located in Dhima village of Vav taluka. Dharnidhar Temple is a 600 year old temple There was an idol of Lord Varah here but then Dharnidhar was worshiped. Especially pilgrims from Gujarat and Rajasthan to visit here.

Dharnidhar Bhagavan Temple in Dhima Banaskantha

The inhabitants of Hinduism believe that the pilgrimage to Chardham is incomplete if we do not visit Dhima Dharnidhar after the pilgrimage to CharDham. After independence of India ,dhima village fell under banaskantha district. Dharnidhar is the name of Lord Krishna, the temple of dhimannag is located next to the main temple,Dhimannag is considered to be a form of Sheshnag, the people of Hinduism believe that Sheshnag holds the earth on its fangs. The lake next to the temple is also considered sacred.Every agiyaras and kartika purnima, a fair is held in Dhima village. Dharamshala of almost all the society is built in a dhima village.


Dhimannag temple is located next to Dharnidhar temple, this temple has been established here since the eleventh century, the people of Dhimbar caste had installed the idol of Dhimannag here.It is believed that there was a sea here and a statue of Dhimannag was brought from it.Allahudin Khilji also attacked the temple of Dhimannag along with the Dharnidhar temple.When Khilji was going to attack Dhimannag, beetles came out of it and the temple survived.Since then local hindus believed that if you want to drive away a swarm of bees pray to Dhimannag.The Dhimannag Trust, which manages the Dhimannag temple, also runs a cowshed which serves more than 200 cows.


Dhima village is located near vav town in banaskantha , 15 km away from tharad 

History :

After worshiping Lord Varaha, he was attacked by Allahuddin Khilji,  After Varah Bhagwan, the idol of Dharnidhar was brought from Rajasthan.The local Hindus believe that eating Dharnidhar Bhagavan’s prasad removes the child’s difficulty in speaking.The lake near the Dharnidhar temple is known as Madala Lake and is believed to have holy water like the Ganges.When Khilji invaded Dharnidhar Bhagwan, there was a Shivling from the broken idol of Varah which is still installed there.The Shivling is known as Jangeshwar Mahadev..

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