Best of Banaskantha Tourism in Banaskantha

Best Tourist Places of Banaskantha District in Gujarat

Best Place of Banaskantha

Banaskantha District’s Total Population 3,01,20,000

In the Banaskantha District have Best Picnic Places to you must visit in one time if are in Banaskantha District.

We are giving the Information and Images about the Banaskantha to What are the Places What should look like that and Banaskantha District Headquarter is Palanpur.

Let See the Best Tourist Places of Banaskantha District

1 Ambaji Temple

Best Place of Banaskantha Ambaji

Ambaji Temple which is situated in Danta Taluka of Banaskantha District, North Gujarat and is well known thought India. More than Thousands Devotees come at Ambaji Temple. The Government of Gujarat take upon itself to look after their comfort, mental peace and other facilities provided to devotees.

Also to Sculpt the temple with Kalash of Gold with finest of Details. it is the only Shaktipith in India which has tree hundred fifty eight (358) Golden Kalash. Among Fifty One (51) Shaktipith. Ambaji Temple Shaktipith is the very heart of lakh of devotees.

Ambaji is situated at Aravali Hill range

Latitude -: 240 – 20 ‘ North , Longitude : – 720 – 51′ and also 1600 feet high sea level.

The Surrounding village of Ambaji are Kumbhariya, Pansa, Chikhilia, Koteshvar, Jeravala, Rechadia, which consist of approximately population of 20,000. In the Marble Industry in Ambaji has significant business along with small shops which consist of business related to pilgrimage has developed in better way.


And More Details about the Ambaji temple Visit Official Website of Ambaji Temple : –

2 Gabbar Hill

gabbar hill ambaji temple

Gabbar Hill also known as Gabbargadh

Gabbar or Gabbar Hill , is a Small hill near to Ambaji Temple on Four(4) km. Gabbar Hill is Origin of God and this Hill is Site of Shree Krishna;s Rituals Ceremony.

Also Divine of Mahishasur Mardini. This hill stairs steps are very difficult to climb so It is Adventure and God Prayer for that so visit in One time in one year. almost 300 stone steps are to climb you must to reach Gabbar Hill.

Temple of Gabbar Hill

We can also seen from the Ambaji Temple in a Night to See the Gabbar Hill.

3 Nadeshwari Mata Temple


Nadeshwari Mata Temple Locality is near to Suigam at Nadabet, Gujarat, India – also called Pakistan Boarder in Our Banaskantha District. Also Very Near to the Railway Station of Bhabhar. Purana Temple was developed by Border Security Force (BSF) so that time you also should visit the our Battalion Force of BSF.

The New Nadeshwari Mata Temple is built in the 2015 year after the very sad news of earthquake damaged our Gujarat. only 15 kilometre from the village of Suigam ta – Wav District – Banaskantha.

Entry of the Visitors are free to everyone and time to visiting hours like morning 7:00 am to Evening 7:00 pm. it is very frequently visit for all peoples.

In this time The Indo – Pak Border is very near to our Nadeshwari Mata Temple. it is Tourist place for all.

In Visitors should bring the Documents for Safe Journey and Visiting carry your Identity Proof like Adhar Card, and other Identity Proof so you can visit positively.

I think if you are in Banaskantha District you must visit the Near of the Suigam visit the New Nadeshwari Mata Temple.

nadeshwari-mata-temple shankar chaudhary visit

Great temple to visit with family and kids. Must visit. Here you can feel peace of mind. After visiting I feel different kind of experience.

4 Dantiwada Dam

dantiwada-dam-banaskantha BK

Dantiwada Dam is located in near the 2 km Dantiwada Village. Dam is Beauty of Nature and Venture of Gujarat Government. also call Picnic place and tourist place. you can see the water fall and river of that Dantiwada Dam. lots of water to see in the Dantiwada Dam. also nearest tourist place and picnic spot Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary.

In the first time Dantiwada Dam make in 1973 after that dam failure re constructed in 1981 and after that is will become the honor of the Gujarat , India.


Dantiwada Dam Situated on West Banas River. Dantiwada Dam giving Water to 111 Villages. it is honor of the Gujarat Government.

Dantiwada Dam also know as the Dantiwada Water Resource Project.

5 Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary


Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary is locate in the near to iqbalgadh Village around 8 kilometre. Jessore is Wildlife Bear Sanctuary. Banaskantha’s Hub Palanpur is nearest around 45km. also visit the Jessore Hill and Bear sanctuary.

This Sanctuary cover almost 185 Square meters area. you can also use to call Picnic spot and your child and friends to visit the Banaskantha proud Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary.


In this Sanctuary up in the Arravali Hills of Banaskantha. Jessore Hill is Second Highest hill of the Gujarat. This sanctuary is have to known for the animals and birds like Sloth Bear and other animals like leopards, Rhesus macaque, Indian civet cat, porcupine, fox, striped, hyena, wild boar other than Birds like Water birds and land birds also can see in this Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary.

In the Monsoon and Winter is best season to visit the Place.

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