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Banas Dairy – Asia’s Largest Co-operative Dairy – Palanpur Banaskantha

Banas Dairy - Asia's Largest Co-operative Dairy - Palanpur
Written by Kalpana Parmar

Banas Dairy is situated at Jagana village near Palanpur in Banaskantha District. Banas dairy was established in year of 1969 according to the 1961 rule of national dairy development board.  Galbabhai nanji bhai patel who played important role in foundation of this largest milk company Banas dairy.

Logo of Banas Dairy

Today more than 300,000 farmers are living with dignity due to Banas Dairy.

History of Banas Dairy – Banaskantha District

Galbabhai Nanjibhai Patel’s dream was to set up Banas Dairy to develop the village of banaskantha and make women self-reliant. When Banas Dairy was  established, only 8 villages used to get milk and gradually Banas dairy became world famous. Galbabhai traveled to every corner of the district to encourage farmers to form milk societies and as a result, BanasDairy is on the cusp of success.

In 1966, milk from rural areas of Vadgam and Palanpur talukas was collected and sent to Dudhsagar Dairy at Mehsana, thus Dudhsagar Dairy’s Banasderi will be indebted.

 122 acres of land acquired for Banasdairy in Jagana village.The ground breaking ceremony of Banasderi plant at Jagana was held in 1971 at the hands of Galbabhai.The milk capacity of the first plant was 4 lakh liters per day. Banasdairy has been providing the necessary resources step by step.

Banas Dairy Products

Banask Dairy Products situated in Palanpur Banaskantha district

Banas Dairy sells its products under the names Amul, Sagar and Banas. Amul Ghee, Sagar Ghee, Amul Butter, sagar tea, Amul Icecream  etc. are its products.

These products are marketed by Gujarat Co. Milk marketing federationl Anand.

Banas Dairy Chairman

Chairman of Banas Dairy - Asia's Largest Co-operative Dairy

The current chairman of BanasDairy is Shankarbhai Chaudhary, who has also set up the Banas Medical College. In case of any disaster in Banaskantha district, Shankarbhai Chaudhary is at the forefront of helping. Even in the current Corona epidemic, BanasDairy has set up an oxygen plant for the needy.

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