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Balaram Temple Resort in Balaram Banaskantha – All Information

Balaram Temple Resort in Balaram Banaskantha - All Information 2021
Written by Kalpana Parmar

So Friends in this Article We know about Balaram Mandir in Balaram Banaskantha – All Information 2021.

Balaram temple is located at 15 km away from palanpur. Balaram Temple is situated on the banks of the river Banas. The Shivling of Balaram temple is believed to be 5000 years old.You will see the Shivling being anointed with water coming out of the cow’s mouth in the temple.

Balaram Mahadev Temple Resort in Balaram Banaskantha - All Information 2021

There is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature in front of the temple. In front of the temple there are many purple trees and the rushing of the river water. You will see as many monkeys as there are people walking around.

Many people come here with family and many people with friends to enjoy nature and also take the blessings of Shiva, many loving couples also come here to visit and after the marriage of the locals come to visit there.

Many people believe that the Shivling of Balaram has been there since the time of the Pandavas. Many people will be seen bathing in the waters of Banas and many people will stay there all day long, many fruit lorries will be seen in front of the temple.

Balaram Palace Resort 

balaram-palace- Temple resort in Balaram Banaskantha

In front of Balaram temple there is a Balram palace resort which is a private property. Amitabh Bachchan’s famous film Suryavansham was shoot there.

Balaram palace resort was built between 1922 and 1936. The palace was built by sir tale Mohammad Khan, the Nawab of Palanpur. The palace has now been converted into a hotel. The palace has 21 rooms and one nawabi room, The palace also has a conference hall. tickets are required to enter the palace.

There is a Mughal garden in front of the palace and there is also a swimming pool. The natural beauty from the palace looks amazing. The beauty of Balaram river seems to captivate the mind from the palace.

There are different packages in different rooms to stay in Balaram Palace.The package starts from 12000.
Balaram palace is a very large place and from there Aravalli mountain range also looks nice, Mount Abu is about 20-30 km away from there.

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