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It is being an overall Entrepreneurship comprises Banaskantha District Information, Educational, Traveling, Financial Matter, Marketing Field current affair, Technology, News etc.

The Entrepreneur has an uproar of the Website in April 2020. The Prominent intention of the launching is to provide invaluable information of the above mention areas.

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  1. To Extend hands to the needy; who seek interest to collect information from various field.
  2. We provide information about the recruitment in this era of unemployment outburst.
  3. So keep the visitors update on the most latest information and arrivals of various gadgets in the market and simplifying and clarifying their doubts.
  4. Impart latest by information on Educational, Technological recruitment related and the launch of government schemes for benefits of the citizen.

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Chetan Darji Software Engineer cum Blogger

I am Chetan Darji from Dhanera , Banaskantha ( Gujarat). A Entrepreneur a being Master in the field 26 years young Talented and versatile. With the view of social welfare, mainly intense to make things simplifying and easy fro the needy.

The Owner of the Website wishes to change the way of seeking information from the members of the modern society. On visiting the site I am damn sure to satisfy your search.

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